5 Must Have Swimsuits for Curvy Women This Summer

Posted by Megan Kiss and Max Reichard on 6/5/2018
5 Must Have Swimsuits for Curvy Women This Summer

SUMMER IS HERE! Get ready for the beach or the pool this season with 5 of the hottest swimsuits for beautiful, curvy women. Finding swimwear in plus sizes can be difficult but we’re here to make it easy to find flattering suits at affordable prices! Check out our top 5 picks for this summer swimwear season.

1.  Confetti Halter Swim Dress

Looking for one of the most versatile swimsuits of the summer? Look no further, swim dresses are the answer! Swim dresses are flirty yet modest at the same time. Accentuating the waist while providing ample coverage. The Confetti Halter Swim dress is a great option with an adorable print. Available in sizes 18W-24W on Walmart. Click here to shop now! 


 2. Pink Animal Ruffle Tankini Two-Piece

The ruffles on this tankini swim top are one of the most flattering design elements that you will see this summer swim season.  These ruffles compliment any body type! This tankini is paired with a simple black bikini bottom. The pink animal print stands out at any setting! Available on our website in sizes 16 to 24. Click here to shop now!

3. High Tide Swim Dress

Heat is the hottest swimwear collection of the summer (No pun intended)! This swim dress combines a modern print with a retro style. Fitted with an empire waist and adjustable straps, this suit has it all. Embrace your curves with this sexy swim dress! Available in 18W-24W on our website. Click here to shop now!


  4.  Floral H-back Tankini with Swim Skirt

One of the most popular fashion trends this season are unique swim top straps. The H-back is a fresh approach to this latest trend. By pairing the H-back tankini with this cute swim skirt, you can’t go wrong! This floral print is by far one of our favorites! Available on amazon in sizes 16- 24. Click here to shop now!

5. Polka Dot Retro Swim Dress

THEY’RE BACK! Polka dots have returned once again as one of the most timeless fashion trends ever. Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe with one of these classic polka dot swim dresses also available in red. The halter straps paired with the twisted front help create the nostalgic look of this swim dress. Available in sizes 16-24 on Walmart. Shop RED here! 

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